Unraveling the Czech Republic

Unraveling the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is perhaps the most silent country in Europe, though its unique features speak for itself. It is not every day that you will get to hear about this unique country on your TV news headlines. With a type on the search engine, you will be surprised at the amount of wonder that the country contains. It is rich in history and other cultural aspects that help to set it apart from its neighbors. Its geographical location places it at a landlocked location, with other famous European countries like Germany and Poland being its neighbors. If you love traveling to international destinations, then the Czech Republic should top your list of holiday vacation routes because of its unique features that the piece will attempt to explore. Keep in mind that this piece can only give a limited account of everything and that there is more to be experienced personally.

Before delving into other serious factual

Before delving into other serious factual aspects of the Czech Republic, it’s good to explore some interesting facts about it. Perhaps a good laugh will help brighten up your smile and even inspire you to make a vacation visit. To those who love a bear drink, you will be surprised to learn that beer is far cheaper than water in that part. That is how big of a matter beer is in that state, meaning that it’s easier to obtain a beer bottle than water. Whichever you prefer will entirely depend on your drink preference, though there is a general preference for beer. Most citizens love sharing their favorite drinks as groups, especially in drinking joints, enhancing their socialization. As a visitor, you can take full advantage to make at least two or three friends by sharing a bottle of beer with a new stranger.

Another interesting aspect of the republic

Another interesting aspect of the republic is that education is on top of their priority list, with almost 90 percent of the formally educated population. This is not a small achievement, given that most countries tend to struggle with matters of education. Their academic expertise has helped them establish themselves as technological pioneers with some important discoveries in that land. For instance, the term robot initially originated from a Czech Republic native. Robots are now playing a critical role in driving future economies by actively enhancing artificial intelligence. Interestingly, a large part of the Czech Republic population consists of an ex-pat community, most of whom have obtained citizenship.

Unravelling the Czech Republic

Historically, the Czech Republic is rich as it sits at the heart of Europe, where there was significant architectural development. Interestingly, you will find almost every architectural style that you might have heard of from ancient times to the medieval period to modern movements, including the baroque, renaissance, classical, neo-classical, functional, and others. The country boasts of the highest number of ancient castles that you can find in a particular state. There are at least 5000 castles that were built with time, and this helps to provide the country with a good tourism base that increases their revenue from foreign exchange. Interestingly, it is also home to the largest ancient castle that is known.

Just when you thought that you had had enough of the Republic’s history, you will be shocked to learn that it is still home to the third oldest known astronomical clock that was used some millennia back. Geographically, the Czech Republic plays a critical role by being the source of the Elbe river that is one of the two largest rivers in Central Europe that also flow into other countries.

It flows into Germany and other countries surrounding it, meaning that they rely on it for a constant water flow. Sports is a key activity in European countries, and the Czechs have not been left behind as they have established their position in ice hockey plus tennies. Their female tennis cup team has helped the republic boast several trophies that they have won in different tournaments. If you have been thinking of the safest destination to land in, then the Czech Republic should be your next stop since it’s ranked as the seventh safest place. This level of security implies that you can explore various cities without the fear that your property will be mugged like the experience is in some regions.