The Weirdest Thing in The Czech Republic

The Weirdest Thing in The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is on the rundown of the top delightful states in East Europe. Czech, which was framed from Czechoslovakia in 1993, has developed colossally to be articulated as a developed nation in 2006. It boasts as the world’s renowned destination for international study attracting over 40000 foreign learners. Despite that, it remains a top tourist attraction nation as several tourists and professionals visit it to stay or enjoy the beautiful Slavic nature. There are several abnormal things about the Czech Republic that anybody visiting the state could never miss exploring. This document examines the four main strange things about the Czech Republic.

The most outstanding weird thing about the Czech Republic is that it has the 2nd biggest underground ossuary in Europe. This room which is surrounded by human skeletons, is located in Brno under the management of St. James Church. Touring that room full of skeleton and light with candles can be the most astonishing thing for many. This ossuary contains skeletons of over fifty thousand people, and it dates back to the thirteenth century. It was discovered during an underground survey as a cemetery that lay just next to the church.

Celebration of a name day is

Another weird thing about this state is its stinking cheese is served in Olomouc city, located in the Moravia Province. Unlike any regular cheese, Olomouc cheese has a strange taste that leaves many hating it. Even though some individuals like its taste when taken with beer. Despite that, Olomouc cheese remains an enemy to the majority because of its strange smell that takes away your appetite. It, therefore, surprises how some residents put up with that smell and manage to eat Olomouc cheese.

Celebration of a name day is yet another weird thing you will encounter when you stay in the Czech Republic. Name day in the Slovakia calendar that describes a Christian day for a particular person in Czech. When your Christian day falls on that particular day, you must celebrate it as an honor to the name. On that day, friends as well as family showers you with flowers and gifts like chocolates, reading resources, cosmetics, pictures, toys, among others. A name day is also celebrated in other European countries like Bulgaria, France, and Finland.

The Weirdest Thing in The Czech Republic

Despite being a small state, Czech is a leading consumer of beer in an entire European continent for over four decades. It surprises how a small state would gobble beer beyond imagination. Beer in this nation is categorized in degrees of alcohol content where the higher it is, the higher the alcohol content. Pilsner Larger is preferred more in the Czech Republic compared to other beer brands. In addition, this nation has over 70 percent of its ten million population being atheists. This could probably, explain the high alcohol consumption in a nation with only a population of ten million.

From the above, Czech Republic is an interesting country to tour just to learn about their culture and their style of life. That way, you will enjoy the country’s beautiful nature besides getting astonished by their weird lifestyle.