Czech Soft Spot for America

Czech Soft Spot for America

Czech and the United States of America have shared a fruitful relationship at the end of World War One. During the reign of President Wilson, the two countries started talks with each other to establish a bilateral relationship. At that time, Czechs didn’t have a state; therefore, President Wilson drafted a proposal that declared rights for closely related individuals or of similar ethical backgrounds to form a state. The delegation from Czech in Washington D.C. led to a union between Czechs and Slovakians to form a Czechoslovakian state.

The two countries enjoyed a relationship

The two countries enjoyed a relationship with each other before the takeover of the Soviet Union in Czechoslovakia in August 1968 that cut off ties with the US. However, the conversion of Czech into a democracy in 1989 invited talks of renewal for their relationship. The United States was seen as a democratic leader and only allied with democratic countries driven by their national interests in pushing democratic ideas forward. America as an influential nation with a strong economy, the Czechs saw that an alliance will be a step forward in rebuilding their economy, which was still struggling to grow.

Czech Soft Spot for America

The Czech opened up to Europe in 1999 by joining NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), whose main role is to offer security and ensure member countries have peace. The United States is a member of NATO, which meant that they could conduct military operations to tighten their partnership more. Additionally, NATO members hold yearly meetings discussing plans and economic strengths for struggling with debts.

A mutual friendship between them is growing considering Czech is now a fully democratic country. The friendship has never been troubled by war or insults aimed at demeaning each other instead, it has flourished economically with exchanges of culture, education, tourism, and trade. There are over a million Americans of Czech origin living in the US as of this writing. At the start of 2014, Czech passed laws allowing its citizen to hold dual citizenship, which has ensured qualified citizens enjoy services from both countries. In addition to that, the Czech Republic has come up with a Visa program plan that authorizes visits in the United States to last for up to 90 days or less without obtaining a permit.

Their alliance has enabled them to be at the forefront of curbing the rise of ISIS in Syria through military interventions. It even went to the extent of Czechs sharing an embassy with the Americans when an attack was laid on the US delegates in Damascus by Syrians demanding a stoppage of airstrikes in nearby Iraq. Their working together in Syria has labeled the Czech Republic as a protecting power of the west in the region. The “west” signaling interests of Americans in the Middle East region. Czechs have a soft spot for Americans, and their relationship continues to benefit each other in every aspect.